return [ri tʉrn′]
[ME retournen < OFr retourner: see RE- & TURN]
1. to go or come back, as to a former place, condition, practice, opinion, etc.
2. to go back in thought or speech [to return to the subject]
3. to revert to a former owner
4. to answer; reply; retort
1. to bring, send, carry, or put back; restore or replace
2. to give, send, or do (something equivalent to what has been given, sent, or done); give, send, or do in requital or reciprocation [to return a visit, compliment, etc.]
3. to produce (a profit, revenue, etc.); yield
a) to report or announce officially or formally
b) to turn in (a writ, account, or statement) to a judge or other official
5. to elect or reelect, as to a legislature
6. to replace (a weapon) in its holder
7. to turn back or in the opposite direction
8. to reflect (sound, light, etc.)
9. Archit. to turn away from, or cause to continue on at an angle to, the previous line of direction
10. Card Games to respond to (one's partner's lead) with a lead of the same suit
11. Law to render (a verdict)
12. Sports to hit, throw, or run back (a ball)
[ME retorn < the v.]
1. a coming or going back, as to a former place, condition, etc.
2. a bringing, sending, carrying, or putting back; restoration or replacement
a) something returned
b) [pl.] unsold merchandise returned to the distributor by a retailer or merchandise returned to a retailer by a purchaser
4. a coming back again; reappearance; recurrence [many happy returns of the day]
5. something done or given as an equivalent for that received; repayment; requital; reciprocation
a) profit made on an exchange of goods
b) [often pl.] yield, profit, or revenue, as from labor, investments, etc.
c) yield per unit as compared to cost per unit; rate of yield
7. an answer; reply; retort
8. a report; esp.,
a) an official or formal report, as of the financial condition of a company
b) [usually pl.] a report on a count of votes at polling places [election returns]
c) a form on which taxable income is reported and tax is computed: in full (income) tax return
9. Archit.
a) the continuation, as of a molding, colonnade, etc., in a different direction, often at a right angle
b) a bend or turn, as in a line, wall, etc.
c) the section between two such bends
10. Card Games a lead in response to one's partner's lead
11. Law
a) the bringing or sending back of a writ, subpoena, summons, etc. to the proper court or official
b) a certified report by an election official, assessor, etc.
c) a certificate or report endorsed on any such document
12. Sports
a) a hitting or throwing back of a ball
b) a ball so returned
c) a running back of a football received on a kick or by an interception
1. of or for a return or returning [return postage]
2. given, sent, done, etc. in return [a return match]
3. occurring again [a return performance]
4. returning or returned
5. changing or reversing direction or formed by a change or reversal in direction, as a bend in a road
in return
as a return; as an equivalent, response, etc.

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